Sunday, 24 September 2017

Globalisation Poetry

  1. We wrote different styles of poetry that related to Globalisation

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

How to make a broom

Goblins surrounding the middle of the earth

In the centre of the earth lies a huge ball of fire known as the core. The lava and ash was hotter than the sun. The ground was cov,ered with a hundred skeletons of dinosaurs and goblins. The Goblin Queen sat on her throne and addressed her subjects. “I have gathered you here today, to see who amongst you is worthy enough to be my king.

The Goblin Queen’s ears  were all slimy and decorated with small pieces of glass and her feet was as stinky as a fart. The queen declared a competition to find a goblin to be the king. Lots of the Goblin men entered the competition.

The competition was to find which goblin was the most gentlemanly. Two goblins Zac and Troto were chosen from all the other goblins as they were the  two who acted the most like gentlemen. Troto would hold open doors and Zac helped people up if they had fallen down. The queen needed a way to decide amongst the two who was most worthy to be king.

The queen gathered the two goblins and said “who do you think should be king?” Zak said “I should be king” Troto said “let him be king if he really wants to”.  The queen thought for a moment and then said “Thank you both for being gentlemen, but it is Troto who deserves the crown because he let’s others go before him

Troto was delighted he shook Zak’s hand and suggested that Zak become the prince of the kingdom. Zak was delighted at the idea of being the prince and thanked Troto for the honour. Zak, Troto and the queen ruled the goblin kingdom happily ever after.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Jack and the beanstalk

Once upon a time there lived a poor widow who had an only son named Jack.

Jack and the widow’s home was dilapidated, the walls were crumbling with holes that let in freezing draughts and the roof was missing tiles that let in the rain and sleet. The widow was so distraught she said to Jack  ’‘sell the cow and get something from the market”. So Jack went off to the old market.  

Jack was an immature and senseless boy with eyes as brown as freshly brewed tea. His hair was messy black, infested with nits and so oily that no barber wanted to touch it. Jack approached the market with the cow in town and met a stranger in a dark hood.

The dark hooded man asked Jack  to trade “I will give you three magical beans in exchange for that old black spotted cow” Jack was undecided until the hooded man said “These beans will bring you many riches”. Jack agreed to trade and took the bean's home. The widow was furious with Jack and tossed the beans out the window.
The next morning Jack woke up and saw a bean stalk. He decided to climb up it step by step until he reached the top. Jack saw he was on a fluffy cloud  that was as soft as a pillow. Jack saw  a magnificent door the color of  burnt toast  and the size of a soccer field. On the front  of the door in the centre was a golden horseshoe shaped door knocker that glistened like the sun . Underneath the tremendous door was a small gap  that  Jack managed to squeeze his way through.  After that he saw a golden chicken that had laid a golden egg. The chicken looked far too heavy to carry so Jack  decided to take the golden egg.  Jack quickly ran out, but heard behind him “Fi fi fo fum I smell  the blood of an Englishman”. Jack dashed away and finally got down the beanstalk. The giant then rung the police and reported the theft.

The police investigated and searched Jack’s home finding a golden egg hidden under his bed . His mother was distraught as Jack was dragged away by the police.

At the court, the black caped lawyer said  ‘Jack you are accused of breaking and entering and stealing the giant’s property’. Jack through tears said “I admit it, I did it, I’m so so sorry”. The judge sentenced Jack to jail for twenty years.

Jack learnt the hard way something we should all know  ‘never steal’.